The BBB "Live" celebrates the necessity and profound impact of education on culture, on commerce, and on community wholeness. The time is ripe for a new renaissance. Ergo The BBB "Live" combines the excitement of "live" performance and the arts with the science of network television and a worldwide audience on the Internet. The BBB "Live" Premiere will be in Deland, the "Athens of Florida".
renaissance: the activity, spirit or time of great revival in art, literature, learning and education; created out of a renewed passionate commitment to "Humanitas", Latin for nature, civilization and kindness; a basis in thinking that goes back to Greek philosophy and Protagoras. Protagoras basically believed that "People are the measure of all things". This became the mark of an age with astonishing achievements in art, architecture, politics, science, literature and all noble expression of humanity.

The BBB "Live" is a global TV channel for "live" theatre sponsored by "truthspaper"; a Broadcast Journal Syndicate that focuses on positive people, places and a healthy planet.

The BBB "Live"

The place in space and time where live theatre meets live TV, broadcast over the Internet!

Coming soon premiere season pilots. SHAKESPEARE & THE CLASSICS, playful episodes of classic literature followed by thought provoking discussion; AMERICA & THE CONSTITUTION, great speeches and the most important words of democracy; SUNDAY SING!, a Sunday variety show that features singing and the positive spirit of people; BAILE, Dance, the international dynamo disco dance extravaganza for teens.